I am passionate about helping you live your best life, through one-on-one therapy with women and mothers, corporate wellness seminars, or through my online learning resources.

Clinical Psychologist and couples therapist 

I'm Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

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You are pulled in so many directions. You often put yourself last. You feel guilty taking time for you, and prioritizing your feelings and needs is challenging. Sign up for my one week guide to self-care and give yourself permission.

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A podcast about changing the dialogue in your life! Led by Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, each episode is aimed at talking about every day issues that people face with the intention of helping you feel connected to yourself, to others, and to live your life.

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I'm Not Your Shrink

...  stuck on difficult feelings, thoughts, or  the things we are doing.

Or perhaps you find yourself struggling with your relationship or struggling after a significant event that happened. Perhaps you don't feel stuck at all - but you don't feel like you are living the life you want to and you know that something needs to change but you are not sure what.

What you do know is that you may not be able to do this on your own - get 'unstuck' - and you want to be different or have something change. I recognize how hard it must be for you to be at this place - how hard it is to change. I see that you have probably tried everything you can and reaching out for professional help may be your last option. Or, perhaps you have come to the immediate decision to seek professional help, not wanting to continue down the path you are on. 

Sometimes we get stuck...

I combine evidence-based interventions to help you change. My approach includes working from cognitive-behavioural, emotion-focused, acceptance and commitment, mindfulness, and psychodynamic models of therapy. I use attachment theory to understand the core needs and longings that you have, and how you understand yourself and others. 

In our initial appointment, we will work to identify your goals for therapy and my recommendations. 

I believe that our sense of self and overall wellness is similar to that of a tree.

Through life, we all experience pain and difficulties. The roots of our tree are determined from our past - our early childhood experiences and relationships. How we feel about ourselves is our tree trunk. Through our work together, you can begin to firmly plant your roots, so that your tree trunk can stand tall and straight, and your branches can weather any storm.

An Integrative Perspective

Helping You Heal

My Approach


I offer individual or group services that are tailored to you and your company’s needs. Presentations range in length from 1 to 2 hours. I travel to your workplace to avoid additional time away from the office.

The following are some of topics that corporations wish to address:

Cultivating Self-Compassion
Stress Management
Coping with Burnout
Improving Communication
Managing Difficult Interpersonal Relationships

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You are a busy professional. A busy woman. A busy mother. 

Experiencing guilt and trying to master this thing called "balance" is one of your greatest challenges. When was the last time you gave yourself PERMISSION?

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