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Season 2 Episode 6: The Self-Sabotaging That Leads You to Bear The Mental Load

How many times have you said, “I’m doing SO much. My partner just doesn’t see it.”

Let me raise my hand. 

I want to say this. I hear you! And this is called the mental load.

We know that women and mothers carry a higher mental load than their partners. It isn’t just completing the household and childcare tasks, it is also the mental and emotional work that it takes to remember to do these tasks.

The mental load became even more evident to me after my second child was born. It wasn’t just going to the doctor appointments for check ups, it was remembering to schedule them. It wasn’t just showing up for the birthday parties, it was buying the gifts and remembering to RSVP.

In this episode, Dr. Morgan Cutlip, relationship coach and owner of My Love Thinks, and I discuss the mental load:

  • 5:05 – Our own stories of addressing the mental load in our relationships
  • 8:19 – Taking the invisible and making it visible
  • 16:28 – How women tend to self-sabotage addressing the mental load
  • 29:28 – Dealing with the guilt that shows up when we start to change
  • 39:09 – How to address this with our partners

To find out more about Dr. Cutlip, you can visit her blog here, check out her course for couples on coping with the mental load, and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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What’s Coming Next week?

I’m on vacation next week and I promised myself to truly nurture my self-care. I will see you in two weeks, with an episode with Amanda Tobe on the imposter syndrome.

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