Season 1

Season 1 Episode 2: When Fear Gets in the Way

Can you can relate to playing it safe and taking the familiar road?

Maybe you do this because it is just simply familiar – or maybe it’s because you are struggling with fear – a primary emotion that we all experience. But it’s a tough one!

In this episode, I talk about facing my fear of creating and releasing this podcast and give you tools that you can use today to help you deal with fear in your life.

Season 1 Episode 1: Welcome to I’m Not Your Shrink

Welcome to the first episode of I’m Not Your Shrink. I am honoured that you have chosen to tune into this podcast.

In this episode, I discuss the two core themes I see in therapy every day.
1 – Am I enough? Good enough? Worthy?

2 – Do I matter? Do I matter to the ones that matter to me?

I talk about what gets in the way of feeling connected to others and share my experience of sitting with people in their moments of pain.