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Season 3 Episode 9: When Your Home is a Trigger: Dealing with Mess, Decluttering Your House, and Simplifying Your Life

You finally have a minute to pause and relax. As you hold your cup of coffee, just heated up for the fourth time, and look around your house, you feel overwhelmed.

How can you relax when the mess keeps triggering you?

I get it. There can be so much stuff in our homes that we stop feeling happy in our space, get stuck getting rid of things, and in general, feel a sense of overwhelm by everything going on.

Enter Katy Wells. She is a decluttering expert, podcaster, and simplifier, a boy mom, and she knows how to help you declutter your home and your life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why are we so triggered by mess?
  • What are the negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that come up with mess?
  • Identifying when your “stuff” owns you, and what you can do to shift out of this
  • Letting go of things that feel sentimental
  • And Katy’s top tips to help you start living a simplified and decluttered life

To Learn with Katy:

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What’s Coming Next?

The Mother wound with Bethany Webster.

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