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Season 3 Episode 6: Do This One Thing Each Week In Your Relationship: The Weekly Meeting

One of the most common complaints I receive is, “We never talk about the hard stuff.”

What’s the barrier to turning towards each other and talking?

For many, it’s time.

For others, it’s not wanting to upset the other person.

Dr. Morgan Cutlip joins me on the podcast for this episode. Dr. Morgan is a relationship expert and owner of My Love Thinks. If you are struggling with the mental load, be sure to check out Season 2 Episode 6 and Dr. Morgan’s great Instagram space @MyLoveThinks. Dr. Morgan and I also have a boundary webinar that we created together.

In this episode, Dr. Morgan and I break apart all the details around the Weekly Check-In Meeting – a key strategy we encourage all of our clients to use. We talk about:

  • The common objections to the weekly meeting
  • How attachment styles may play a role in approaching our partners and how the weekly meeting can help you navigate this
  • How we can tackle these barriers
  • Why this meeting matters
  • Our top question to put in this meeting
  • And our confession – do we use this tool in our relationships?

I want to hear from you. What ONE question would you want to ask each other this week?

Join me in my community!

What’s Coming Next?

When your partner overshares with your MOTHER-IN-LAW.

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