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Season 3 Episode 5: They Didn’t Respect My Boundaries: Preparing for The Holidays

We’re getting ready for another holiday season. With Passover, Good Friday, Easter, Eastern Orthodox Easter, and Ramadan coming up, it seemed like a great time to ask you, my community, some important questions about family get togethers and talk about how you want to show up.

When it comes to family gatherings, 46% of you feel “okay negative” about them.

Many said you have negative feelings about things you cannot control (86%). That’s a lot!

One of the things we must recognize is that family gatherings bring out things that we have no control over, including:

  • Other’s views of you
  • Toxic behaviours and comments
  • When others push your boundaries

… and more.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What you can and cannot control when it comes to our family, including acknowledging a key emotion that shows up here
  • Shifting towards consciously choosing so that you can show up aligned
  • Being a united front with your partner

Join me in my community!

What’s Coming Next?

Let’s explore the weekly meeting and why you should do this one thing in your relationship.

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