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Season 3 Episode 14: Our Happy Divorce: Inspiring Others to View Divorce Differently

Many people don’t think of divorces as happy, which is why the story from today’s guests is an important one!

When Nikki DeBartolo and Benjamin Heldond got divorced, they devised a strategy to put their son’s needs first.

Together, they helped each other heal and build a new, blended, family.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Nikki and Ben came to be “Our Happy Divorce”
  • The markers/moments that they knew it was time to divorce
  • When you’re trying to find the “right” way through separation
  • Nikki’s and Ben’s response to someone who says “I have to stay for the kids”
  • Their individual pain points in their divorce
  • Their prioritization of their son
  • The key piece of respect and mutuality

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What’s Coming Next?

The season finale where I answer YOUR questions!

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