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Season 2 Episode 8: Growing Compassion and Kindness in Your Relationship

We all have triggers.

Our partners all have triggers.

And they are not always the same things.

Building a relationship that brings an understanding of each other’s triggers, strengths and differences is complicated.

When we bring compassion, understanding, kindness and accountability into our relationships, our love and connection blossoms.

In this episode, Michaela Thomas, clinical psychologist, couples therapist and founder of the private psychology practice The Thomas Connection, and I discuss build compassion for healthy and strong relationships:

7:23 – The Fire Triangle of Relationships

22:59 – The 3 Parts of Compassion

29:12 – Motherhood & Compassion

33:13 – Defining Compassion & Mindfulness

To find out more about Michael Thomas, you can visit her website here, or join her informative and helpful group *Pause*Purpose*Play. Be sure to check out her NEW book available now – The Lasting Connection.

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What’s Coming Next?

Join me in the next episode as I bring on a special guest to talk more about relationships. You won’t want to miss this one!

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