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Season 2 Episode 5: From Burnout to Thriving

When I returned to work after my second maternity leave, I was doing it all.

Eight clients back to back.

An hour commute home.

Nursing my daughter.

Building a website. 

Creating a podcast.

The list goes on. I was feeling exhausted. I was often dizzy and short of breath (despite looking after regular meals, water intake, and sleep). And then my body started screaming at me, telling me that I needed to stop. 

This. Was. Burnout. 

If you have experienced burnout, or think you might be experiencing it, you are not alone. In this episode, I speak with Mallory Rowan, coach and speaker, and a recovered woman from burnout, about moving towards living your life and business in alignment with what matters most to you: 

  • 9:26 – Mallory’s experience with burnout
  • 13:01 – Signs and symptoms of burnout
  • 18:39 – How to start recovering from burnout
  • 26:49 – The mindsets that put us at risk for burnout
  • 30:41 – Mallory’s non-negotiables for managing self-care
  • 44:26 – Strategies to help live a meaningful life

Now it’s your turn!  Join me over on Instagram, or leave me a note here on the blog about your experience with burnout.

What’s Coming Next week?

Join me next with Dr. Morgan Cutlip as we talk about addressing the mental load.