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Season 2 Episode 21: Relationships: Attachment Styles and Finding Growth Edges

What happens when you sit two relationship experts down for a chat?

This episode is just that – two relationship experts, one conversation.

Everyone has their own attachment style, it’s the way we build and respond to relationships. When we understand our attachment styles we can better help our relationship maintain healthy boundaries.

Speaking of boundaries, have you ever sat down with your partner to discuss your boundaries within the relationship?

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Morgan Anderson to discuss attachment styles and growth edges within relationships.

Dr. Morgan Anderson is a clinical psychologist and relationship coach, host of the “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast and creator of the E.S.L relationship method. She helps women break the toxic dating cycle, raise their self-worth and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted. She’s on Instagram @drmorgancoaching – make sure you head over to her page and send her a DM to say hello

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Communicating in relationships and finding your boundaries
  • Using your attachment style to tune into how you show up in your relationship
  • Finding your growth areas for each attachment style
  • What security can look like in a relationship

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What’s Coming Next?

My next episode is the season finale where I answer your questions!

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“As a male I love the info in here. It helps me understand why my partner does what she does sometimes and the communication has been amazing between us. Yeah, we still fight but it get’s resolved.” ~JHVancouver

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