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Season 2 Episode 19: Mental Load: The Unpaid, Invisible Work of Motherhood

Why is it that we treat men’s time as if it is as “precious as diamonds” and women’s time as if it is as “infinite as sand?” (As this week’s podcast guest stated it).

Chances are you never sat down with your partner, before moving in together, getting married, or having children, to discuss who does what. Who takes the trash out? Who buys the mustard? Who care for the children when they are home sick from school? Who coordinates their activities and schoolwork? If needed, who leaves their job to become a full-time parent?

But how have mothers become the default?

In this episode I sit down with Eve Rodsky to discuss mental load and her book FAIR PLAY. In her New York Times bestselling book FAIR PLAY, she uses her Harvard Law School training and years of organizational management experience to create a life-management system to help couples both rebalance all of the work it takes to run a home and reimagine their relationship, time and purpose.

Eve Rodsky received her B.A. in economics and anthropology from the University of Michigan, and her J.D. from Harvard Law School. After working in foundation management at J.P. Morgan, she founded the Philanthropy Advisory Group to advise high-net worth families and charitable foundations on best practices for harmonious operations, governance and disposition of funds. In her work with hundreds of families over a decade, she realized that her expertise in family mediation, strategy, and organizational management could be applied to a problem closer to home – a system for couples seeking balance, efficiency, and peace in their home. Rodsky was born and raised by a single mom in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their three children.  

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • The smoothie requirements for Eve’s partner that led to building the Fair Play system and impacting change for women and couples
  • Losing our identities and the importance of the unicorn space
  • When resentment shows up in our relationships
  • The Fair Play system and breaking down the CPE (Conceptualization, Planning, and Execution)

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What’s Coming Next?

My next episode is a Mother’s Day special with @ConfidentiallyKatie and we’ll be talking about finding love for all of ourselves in our journey of motherhood.

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“As a male I love the info in here. It helps me understand why my partner does what she does sometimes and the communication has been amazing between us. Yeah, we still fight but it get’s resolved.” ~JHVancouver

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