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Season 2 Episode 17: Don’t Go to Bed Angry: Relationship Myths

“Don’t go to bed angry” is probably one of the most common well wishes provided to newly weds during toasts and in handwritten cards.

But what this misses is that if you are escalated and angry, the last thing you should do is continue to talk about the issue at hand. When both partners are flooded and overwhelmed, this is a recipe for additional hurt words that do not get unheard.

In this episode, I sit down with Greg, co-owner of Integrated Wellness, my business partner, my co-parent, and my partner in life, to discuss some of the common stereotypes, misperceptions, and myths in romantic relationships.

In this episode, we discuss the following myths:
– Not going to bed angry and what you can do instead
– Is it love at first sight?
– Are disagreements deal breakers?
– What validating your partner actually means
– “Happy wife, happy life” – or is it?
– Women should be the ones to stay at home with the kids and how this is a huge myth in our own home
– The stay at home parent isn’t really “working”
– Women hold the cards in the relationship to make things work

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What’s Coming Next?

My next episode is with Jamie Scrimgeour of the Step Mom Community.

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