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You live a busy life and therapy may not fit easily into your lifestyle.  I know that coming to therapy is challenging for many reasons, whether it is resources, timing, or readiness. I do not want challenges to  be a barrier for you to make meaningful changes in your life.

This is why I created different ways of learning with me.

These alternative spaces are here for you to learn on your own time, in your own space and in a way that is suitable for how you best learn. 



I see the struggle that so many women are having in their relationship. Intimacy is one of the top issues we are addressing. 

I teach you how to nurture and ignite your desire and intimacy with your partner.

Inside this webinar, I teach you:

– Common roadblocks you face as a woman that leads to disconnection and resentment

– How to shift into a space of desire that feels natural and your own

– Strategies on how to improve your intimacy with your partner that you can start using right away 

Boundaries Webinar

Let go of guilt, tackle your hang ups, and still feel good in your relationships

In this 1.5 hour webinar with Dr. Morgan Cutlip and Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, we will cover:

  • Setting boundaries that feel good for you
  • How to get over your guilt and keep your boundaries
  • How to overcome your discomfort with setting boundaries
  • Ways to deal with the possible fallout of boundary setting
  • When others don’t respect your boundary
  • How to deal when your boundaries are repeatedly ignored

This offer includes a 1.5 Hour Webinar with Q&A session with Dr. Morgan Cutlip and Dr. Tracy Dalgleish (previously recorded live).

BONUS: Receive our guide that will teach you how to identify your boundaries and offer you scripts of how to set and hold your boundaries, even when they go off the rails.

Conquer resentment

Go from Disconnected to Connected

In this Two Session Workshop, you will:

– Understand why resentment is showing up

– Learn the strategies to shift out of resentment and into a connected relationship

– Understanding your communication patterns and get your needs met

– Learn to address the hard feelings that keep showing up

– Protect your relationship from this toxic emotion to build the resilience you need

Be Connected

An online program to help you go from disconnected to connected

Be Connected is for people who:

  • Are ready to learn how to COMMUNICATE their feelings and needs
  • Want to set BOUNDARIES in their relationship
  • Want to shift the MENTAL LOAD.
  • Identify their OWN TRIGGERS in their relationship to change their patterns.
  • Are looking to RECONNECT with their partner on an intimate level.
  • Want to LET GO of unhelpful thoughts and feelings that pop up in their relationship.

Be Connected Membership contains

Video Sessions

12 Core Video Lessons with Dr. Tracy to learn the skills and tools needed to improve your communication and connection.

Downloadable Guides

Guides and handouts to help you do a self-assessment and put the skills we are talking about to practice.

Live Q&A Calls

These calls will be a space for you to ask your questions. This is your chance to share your concerns, and we’ll work through your stuck points.

Members only community

This is a space to feel connected with others. Set goals and troubleshoot in your relationship. And get exclusive support and feedback from me.

28 Days of Love

You can reconnect with your partner with small actions each day.

Relationships are hard – particularly in a pandemic. And prioritizing each other is often the last thing on our to-do list. Time has gone by and you aren’t sure where to start to reconnect.

Grab my 28 Days of Love. This email series is built with evidence-based tools to help you and your partner start to reconnect.

Each day, you will receive an email prompt to help discover, explore, and discuss key topics in your relationship to help you nurture your connection.

Complete the exercises alone or with your partner and feel more connected at the end of 28 days!



It’s time to move Beyond Burnout. This course focuses on helping you cultivate awareness and self-compassion to teach you to go from stressed to balanced. This course focuses on providing you with the key tools to help you live your busy life to the fullest.

Inside this course you will develop skills of awareness and self-compassion (the tools that aren’t taught in training), giving you the power to respond to your thoughts, feelings and challenges that show up in your life.  These tools help you show up to stress in a healthier way.

We help you implement powerful and practical strategies to help you make the needed transformations to live your best life; all of which is grounded in the latest science of psychotherapy.

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A podcast about changing the dialogue in your life! Led by Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, each episode is aimed at talking about everyday issues that people face with the intention of helping you feel connected to yourself, to others, and to live your life.

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Note: These products are for informational purposes only and do not substitute for the care from a licensed mental healthcare provider