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Season 2 Episode 11: How to Calm the *&#$ Down: Retune Your Nervous System to Optimize Resiliency

Going to the store was simple before COVID-19.

Jump in the car. Drive. Pop in and out. Drive back home. All in 20 minutes.

2020 has changed that. 

Now, there are so many more factors to consider. The mask. Which store. The time. The line up. The distance kept between you and the next person. And then, a line again.

Then, when you are back in the car, sanitize. Wait, did you touch the door handle? Do you sanitize that? Start all over? 

Each daily task is a lot more in 2020.

This is just one of the daily difficulties that many are experiencing, in addition to the significant impact COVID has on our health, our loved ones, and the losses so many have experienced.

The weight of it all? 

The uncertainty. 

What does this look like tomorrow? Next month? This winter? 

So it’s no wonder that 85% of the women I polled said they were stressed out and experiencing burnout. 

Today, I sit with Dr. Julie Beaulac to talk about how we can calm the F*#$ down by re-tuning our nervous systems. And ultimately, if we can retune our nervous systems, we can master burnout. Dr. Beaulac is a registered psychologist and consultant based in Ottawa, Canada. She is also a mindfulness and yoga teacher and an enthusiast of all things movement and in nature. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations to become more engaged, productive, and happier in their lives. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 13:01 – What is leading us to burn out?
  • 18:19 – What happens inside of us when we experience chronic stress?  
  • 21:14 –  Explaining polyvagal theory and why you need to befriend your vagus nerve
  • 28:42 – How to hack our vagus nerve
  • 37:47 – Quick and easy ways to retune and calm your nervous system

Grab Dr. Beaulac’s free guide to the 5 QUICK and EASY things you can do right now to find calm. Click here to download. 

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What’s Coming Next?

Can you identify with perfectionism? How does it show up in your life and what do you do with it when it pops up? Tune in to the next episode for more.

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