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Season 1 Episode 6: How to Respond to Defensiveness in your Relationship

Defensiveness. It is the response to protect the self from a PERCEIVED ATTACK (at times, it might indeed be a criticism).

It is quick.

It is often automatic.

But it doesn’t resolve our conflict, nor does it bring us closer to our friends, partners, or other key people in our life.

This episode focuses on answering a listener’s voicemail question – How to respond to their partner’s defensiveness!

The following is discussed:

  • What is defensiveness?
  • How to identify what defensiveness is in your relationship.
  • Find the “why” to the defensiveness. Warning – I ask you to look at you too!
  • Using the calm down method before returning to a discussion.
  • What is meta communication with specific examples you can use.
  • Understanding what is underneath the defensiveness
  • An alternative way to respond to your partner in the moment.
  • My last recommendation that if you are stuck, go seek the help of a licensed professional!

Want to read more about couples therapy? Check out my piece on about why you should go to couples therapy early.

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