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Season 2 Episode 3: When Friendships Change… How to Deal with Friendship Breakups

Can you relate to losing a friend? 

Maybe you grew apart and lost touch with each other.

Maybe you had a big disagreement and decided to end the relationship.

Or perhaps you were ghosted.

Many of us can relate to the feeling of losing a friend. Which is why Dr. Miriam Kirmayer tells us that one of the things we must accept in friendships is that they will change over time.

Friendships are hard, particularly as adults. Many of us believe that the quality of our life is based on the number of people we can count on as friends.  The more friends we have, the better off we are. (Note, this isn’t true.)

So when we go through a friendship breakup, it’s hard to understand that it’s not necessarily about the type of person we are, or the kind of life we live, but rather a part of any relationship and personal growth.

To dive deeper into the world of friendships, I had the honour to speak with my  good friend, Dr Miriam Kirmayer.  We spoke about: 

  • 5:41 – How we relate friendships to success
  • 8:16 – Dr. Miriam’s own friendship breakup experience
  • 13:48 – How can friendship change?
  • 16:46 – What are changes appearing in our friendships through COVID
  • 21:21 – How can we support our friendships through change
  • 30:55 – How to give you friend feedback
  • 34:48 – How to decide when you need to let go of a friendship
  • 43:55 – Ways you can choose to end a friendship
  • 49:35 – How do you mourn the loss of a friend and why do they hurt so badly?

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Want to learn more with us?

Dr. Miriam Kirmayer and I have a special bonus for you. We were asked what it’s like to build friendships as therapists. So, we had a candid and unscripted conversation around what it’s like to make friends as a professional. 

If you are a professional, a therapist, or curious about friendships, head over to to download this bonus episode. 

What’s Coming Next week?

Tune in next week as I sit with Dr. Allison Keating where we dive into finding the good enough woman and mother.

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