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Season 1 Episode 2: When Fear Gets in the Way

Can you can relate to playing it safe and taking the familiar road?

Maybe you do this because it is just simply familiar – or maybe it’s because you are struggling with fear – a primary emotion that we all experience. But it’s a tough one!

In this episode, I talk about facing my fear of creating and releasing this podcast and give you tools that you can use today to help you deal with fear in your life.

I discuss:

  • How fear is experienced in the brain.
  • The acronym of F.E.A.R. (if you’ve never heard it, you need to check it out!)
  • You deciding to make one of two choices when you experience fear.
  • I ask you a tough question about what you are doing with fear in your life.

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Next Episode

In my first interview episode, I am sitting down with Dr. Soph, clinical psychologist, and talking about why you need boundaries when it comes to living your best life!

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