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Season 1 Episode 1: Welcome to I’m Not Your Shrink

Welcome to the first episode of I’m Not Your Shrink. I am honoured that you have chosen to tune into this podcast.

In this episode, I discuss the two core themes I see in therapy every day.

1 – Am I enough? Good enough? Worthy?


2 – Do I matter? Do I matter to the ones that matter to me?

I talk about what gets in the way of feeling connected to others and share my experience of sitting with people in their moments of pain.

I also share with you why I wanted to create this podcast and what I hope that you get out of it. What is that hope? I hope it helps change the dialogue in your life with the intention of helping you to live a life filled with meaning and authenticity – to find a way of living an integrated life – in all aspects of your life. As a woman, a mother, professional, friend, sister, daughter, or partner.

I also have a call to action. I want you to write down one thing that is important to you. Write it down. Put it on a post-it note. Put it in a place that you look at frequently – the kitchen fridge or the bathroom mirror. Or, maybe you even say it to yourself in the mirror. Go ahead and try it – and I’d love to hear from you what is important to YOU. 

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When Fear Gets in the Way

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Helpful Resources

Often people want to know what books and self-help sites I recommend. Here are just a few of my favourites. Do you have others that you would add? I would love to know more!


Dan Siegel – Mind Sight (

Sue Johnson – Love Sense (

Brené Brown – Daring Greatly (

Kelly Wilson & Troy DuFrene – Things Might Go Terrible Horribly Wrong (

Websites– resource for adults and youth with anxiety problems– well researched Australian website for depression– free 16-session CBT course and anonymous online support group– CBT self-help materials on depression, anxiety, communication, coping, and a variety of other concerns


Head Space (

Calm (

(Note: I have left out specific couples resources and will do this for the episodes about couples)