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Season 2 Episode 1: One Question to Ask Yourself this Summer

Picture your life as a garden.  Everything you can pour your energy into, everything that is important to you is a different plant.

You have a plant for each relationship (your children, your partner, your extended family), you have a plant for career, for your friendships, for your self-care, etc.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your garden.

When you can see your garden, now picture a watering can filled with water.

That watering can – that’s you.

You get to choose, each day, what you pour your water into.  You only have 1 watering can; what will you choose today?

Today I kick off Season 2 of the I’m Not Your Shrink Podcast. I share the number one question we all need to be asking ourselves, which I have personally learned in the past year.

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Dr. Tracy D

P.S. Wondering what others say about the podcast?  Here’s a review from ELFraser:

Supported and soothed:  I’m thrilled for this podcast, it’s hitting all “the feels”! Plus, Tracy’s voice is sooooo soothing!